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Something to Pray About 2007-2011

By Cindy Sears

These columns originally appeared in Ebenezer UMC's monthly newsletter. They began under the title, "Something to Think About." We have pulled them out onto this page for easier access. These columns are from 2007-2011. Columns from 2012-2015 are here.

Christian churches and individuals may use them for free as long as the author's name and our website address is referenced somewhere in the material or web page where they are being used.

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Table of Contents
Title Subject Date
Earned or Given? God's way vs. the world's way July 2007
A Gift or A Requirement Speaking in tongues Sept 2007
Open Doors and Many Rooms Christian life Mar 2008
Living Joyfully in the Lord Christian joy May 2008
Big Fish Story Fishers of men July 2008
Discipline of the Lord Suffering; Assurance Sept 2008
Desert Wonder Grumbling Oct 2008
Enter to Worship Worship Preparation Nov 2008
I Am the Way Salvation Dec 2008
Love One Another Shepherding Program Jan 2009
Discernment Discerning Reading Mar 2009
Simplicity Attitudes and Possessions Apr 2009
The Hope Polly McRary and Passing On May 2009
Superstition Superstition and Belief in God Jun 2009
Altar Call Eric Lane's Ordination Jul 2009
Where Are You? Church Attendance, Faithfulness Aug 2009
True Service Christian Service Sep 2009
Casual or Captive Christian Life Oct 2009
A Thankful Hymn Mildred Tolbert, Gratitude Nov 2009
Tithing Tithing, Giving Dec 2009
God's Word Holy Bible, Bible Study Jan 2010
God's Man Rev. John Cole, Christian Men Feb 2010
Giving Christian Life, Giving, Service Mar 2010
The Cost Discipleship, Sermons Jun 2010
Shake & Shine Discipleship, Sermons Jul 2010
Only Semantics? Religious Freedom, Word Usage Aug 2010
Death Eternity, Death Sep 2010
God Is Apoligetics, First Cause, Rationality Oct 2010
America Voting, Christian Life Nov/Dec 10
The Problem of Evil: Why God? God & Evil, Suffering Jan 2011
Urgency Judgment, Salvation Feb 2011
Not Orphans God's Children, Christianity Mar 2011
Son of Perdition Pedestination, Judas Iscariot Apr 2011
Come, Join the Dance Christianity, Trinity May 2011
little savior or THE SAVIOR Salvation, Jesus Christ Jun 2011
The Good News Salvation, Jesus Christ Jul 2011
On Dangerous Ground Repentance, Salvation, Christian Life Aug 2011
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors UMC Logo, Prejudice Sep 2011
Bless the Lord, O My Soul Blessings, Christian Life Oct 2011
In Margaritaville Christian Life, Ministry Nov 2011
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