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Something to Pray About - 2012-2015

By Cindy Sears

These columns originally appeared in Ebenezer UMC's monthly newsletter. They began under the title, "Something to Think About." We have pulled them out onto this page for easier access. Columns from 2007-2011 are found here.

Christian churches and individuals may use them for free as long as the author's name and our website address is referenced somewhere in the material or web page where they are being used.

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Table of Contents
Title Subject Date
Do for the One... Giving, Ministry December 2011/January 2012
Closing the Sacred/Secular Gap Christian Life, Political Activity February 2012
The Kingdom Is Here--Now God's Kingdom, Christian Life March 2012
Grace--Who Needs It? Forgiveness, Christian Witness April 2012
In Memoriam Charles Colson, Salvation, Christian Service May 2012
The Goal Faith, Christianity June 2012
Why Raise Our Hands? Worship, Tithing, Blessings July 2012
Why Prayer Works Prayer August 2012
Playing Columbo Discussing Faith, Defending Christianity September 2012
Voting for Freedom Politics & Christians October 2012
Promoting Marriage Christian Marriage, Love & Marriage November 2012
Mercy Given; Mercy Received Bethel Colony of Mercy, Grace, Drug Rehab January 2013
Missing the Mark Sin February 2013
Jesus Jesus Christ, Christmas December 2012
Just Do Something! Sanctification, Christian Service March 2013
Subverting the Good Homosexuality,Christian Sexual Ethics April 2013
God Is Here Homosexuality, Christian Sexual Ethics May 2013
I Was There The Crucifixtion, Timeless God, Sin June 2013
In the Image of God Sanctification, Sin July 2013
Baptism Into New Life Baptism, Methodism, New Birth August 2013
Be Still Prayer, Listening September 2013
Community Christian Fellowship,Church October 2013
Let the Spirit Rise in Ebenezer Revival, Holy Spirit November 2013
Half and Half Giving, Christmas, Money Management December 2013
The Living Sword Holy Bible January 2014
I Stand in Awe of You Jesus Christ, Wrath of God February 2014
Ambassadors for Christ Christian Education, Witnessing March 2014
Patriarchs Fathers, Husbands, Christian Life April 2014
Swords Bible Study, Witnessing, Holy Bible May 2014
God's Kingdom Is Here-Now! Kingdom of God, Good Works June 2014
Liberty Quotes, Freedom--U.S. July 2014
What's So Great About Christianity? Christianity and Culture August 2014
Names, Names, Names God's Call, Christian Service September 2014
You Are Righteous Grace, Justification October 2014
Politics and Liberty Government, Politics, Voting November 2014
Stick to the Bible Jesus, Divinity, Miracles, Holy Bible February 2015
Irrelevant Christianity and Culture March 2015
Don't Forget the Next Verse! Bible Reading and Study April 2015
Are You a Secret Doubting Thomas? Faith and Doubt, Trusting God May 2015
Listening Prayer, Devotions June 2015
On God's Side Truth, Holy bible, Obedience to God July 2015
But the Emperor Has No Clothes! Same-Sex Marriage, Irrationality, Sovereignty of God August 2015
A Deadly Silence Abortion, Sanctity of Life, Eugenics Septmeber 2015
Grace Now and Then Racism October 2015
Don't Worry, Be Happy Happiness, Anxiety November 2015
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