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On the 14th of April, 2012 beginning at 4:00 p.m., we will have a Grand Opening and covered-dish supper in the new Christian Life Center to honor our sub-contractors and to let the community come and see the new facilities. Stop by and take a look and share some good food and fellowship.

Consecration Service Well Attended

"We welcome you to this historical event as we celebrate the consecration of God's gift to us in this Christian Life Center."

And so began our worship service as we celebrated God's new gift to us of the Christian Life Center. We had a good crowd for the Consecration Worship Service. We thank everyone who came and helped us to present this building for service to the Lord.

We are pleased that our district superintendent, Rev. N. Fred Jordan, came and spoke words of affirmation and encouragement to us. Bud and Jean Spencer, who donated the land for the CLC, were also there, and received a standing ovation for their support of our church's ministries. The general contractor, Kevin Simmons, offered his thanks to all the people and businesses that helped make the job go so smoothly for all concerned. He and Jo Nell Harrison, who helped negotiate the construction loan and deal with the payouts and payments, also received standing ovations.

Truly, God blessed us with some wonderfully talented and dedicated people during this process. May we now bless our Lord with our continued commitment to His work, and increased service to our church members and this community.

Consecration Service crowd

CLC Consecration Service -- 2012

We will consecrate the new Christian Life Center on Sunday, March 18th at 3:00 p.m. The service will begin in the sanctuary and then proceed into the CLC. Please join us as we celebrate this addition to our church and give it over for service to our Lord.

We ask that you continue to pray that we will use these facilities in ways that are pleasing to the Lord and helpful in showing the love of Christ to our community. May we use it to spread the Good News--that Christ has died and is risen, so that we might stand before the almighty God washed in the cleansing blood of the Lamb.

Christian Life Center - Complete & Ready to Occupy!

Update: February 24, 2012 . It has been a busy week here at Ebenezer as our church members have been coming in and out and spending a lot of time cleaning, moving, and organizing things in the new Christian Life Center and the old fellowship hall and storage areas. Just about everything is ready, though there has been a delay on laying down the basketball court markings because of a wedding reception this weekend.

We are very grateful for the ladies and gentlemen who have volunteered to clean up the construction dust and help to reorganize everything. Work continues on the new nursery area. It should be ready for use by Sunday, March 4th; though I am not sure we will begin using it that day. Some of the downstairs adult classes will be moving next week also.

The Worship and Consecration Service is scheduled for Sunday, March 18, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. We invite everyone to come and help us celebrate and praise the Lord for the completion of this project.

Below is a list of all the companies who helped in the Christian Life Center construction. We thank you all for the great job you did. We offer special thanks to Kevin Simmons Construction for doing such a great job as our general contractor and to Peoples Bank for providing the loan for the project. We are pleased that the Lord has let us help these businesses out in a slow economy by using their services. God bless you for your good work.

We also offer special thanks to the following: Bud and Jean Spencer, who donated land to us twice; Caldwell Ready-Mix, who donated part of their services at a discount; Statesville Brick, who gave a donation to our building fund after we purchased bricks from their company; and Vesco Industrial Trucks of Hickory, who donated the use of their lift trucks for the whole construction project! May God bless you all!

CLC Construction Companies List

  • A & A Insulation & Guttering – Lenoir
  • A & P Guttering – Granite Falls
  • Audio/Video Enterprises – Morganton
  • B-Line Portables – Claremont
  • Benco Steel, Inc. – Hickory
  • Bonus Termite & Pest Control – Hickory
  • Bowman Roofing and Sheet Metal Co., Inc. – Hickory
  • Caldwell Glass Co., Inc. – Lenoir
  • Caldwell Ready-Mix, Inc. – Hudson
  • Cedar Valley Hardwoods
  • CLS Sports
  • Denver Restaurant Equipment – Sherrills Ford
  • Eckard Brick Cleaning – Hickory
  • Fox Surveying Co. – Taylorsville
  • GDS Inc. – Hickory
  • Granite Hardware – Granite Falls
  • H & A Carpet & Floor Covering – Hildebrand
  • Hardware Distributors – Hickory
  • Jeff  Yount Masonry – Granite Falls
  • Keith Williams Septic Service (Landscaping) – Lenoir
  • Lee Teague Plumbing – Granite Falls
  • Lifeline Electric, Inc. – Hickory
  • Mackie Johnson - Architect
  • Manual Yount Trucking – Granite Falls
  • McGee & Honeycutt Contractors – Lenoir
  • Northwest Drywall Co. – Hickory
  • Overhead Door Company of the Foothills – Hickory
  • Robbins Cabinets – Lenoir
  • Roy Hall Construction, LLC (Concrete Pumping) – Lenoir
  • Sawmills Hardware and Supply – Hudson
  • Starnes Heating & Air, Inc. – Granite Falls
  • Statesville Brick – Statesville
  • Steve Lovelace Drywall – Morganton
  • Tailored Foam Insulation – Hickory
  • Terry Heffinger Floor Finishing – Hickory
  • Tim and Sons Concrete – Lenoir
  • United Rentals
  • Vernon Combs Painting
  • Vertical Solutions
  • Vesco Industrial Trucks of Hickory – ALL use donated
  • Williams Crane Service, Inc. – Lenoir
  • Woodbury Lumber Co. – Lenoir

Christian Life Center Update -- February 15, 2012

The Center is going through more inspections today, and several people have been here to put shelf paper on the pantry shelves and in the kitchen cabinets. The old range and stove that was moved to the new kitchen have been pressured washed and now shine brilliantly. It won't be long now. More work has been done on the old kitchen area to prepare it to become the new nursery with hot and cold running water.

Slide shows have been added to our Photos page of the construction work. There is slide show for each month of the work from May/June 2011 to January 2012. We hope you enjoy viewing the process from the clearing of the land to the finished facility.

Christian Life Center Update -- February 10, 2012

The floor covering in the new hall has been installed. The carpet has been put down in the classrooms. The ice machine has been moved to the new kitchen, but has not been hooked up yet. A few more items are being added to the kitchen area, including an island and some large sinks. The service 'hole' in the old kitchen has been closed with cement blocks, and the old floor tiles have been removed. All the old cabinets are gone, too. It won't be long now before we will be able to use the new facilities.

We thank everyone for all their support, and ask that you continue to pray for us as we prepare to expand our ministies with this new building and equipment. We thank the Lord for leading us to do this, and ask for His continued guidance in all decisions related to its use. May everything we do be honorable to the Lord and helpful to His kingdom's work.

Christian Life Center Update - February 1, 2012

It won't be long now! Below are some thumbnail photos of the latest work that has been done in the Center. There are also photos of the new window in the old kitchen area, which will eventually be a nursery. The Tuesday prayer group was interrupted by the ringing of the smoke alarm, because of the dust created when the hole from the old kitchen equipment vent was being enlarged for the new window.

As you can see, we will have a huge pantry in the new building and a walk-in freezer and cooler. The new cabinets look great, too. Kevin Simmons says that the heating system is almost ready to turn on; then they can put the main floor covering down.

new windownew cooler and freezer new kitchen cabinetsnew pantry

We thank you for your continuing support of this project, and request that you continue to pray for us to find good ways to use this new facility to help show the love of Christ in our community and spread the good news about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Savior and Lord.

Christian Life Center Update - January 18, 2012

The lights are on! The light switch plates have been installed and the toilets and stalls are in the bathrooms now. Our current kitchen is a mess, because the range and stove have been disassembled to ready them to be moved to the new kitchen in the CLC. (This will not stop us from serving up food this Saturday for the Poor Man's Supper or during the blood drive on Monday, January 30th. We are very resourceful.) The range hood has already been installed in the new building. The stage floor has been sanded and stained. It has a beautiful shine on it. It won't be long now before we will be using the new Christian Life Center.

Please keep praying for us! We thank you and our Lord for your prayers and financial support of all our endeavors for the Kingdom of God.

Christian Life Center Update - January 6, 2012

Grass seed was put out this week, and the painting is almost complete. Workers have begun putting up the lighting units after installing the drop-ceiling framing. The stage planking has been installed. The stage lift is ready for use (I think). The inside doors and windows have been installed, too. A water fountain has been put in place, and there is light blue paint on the bathroom walls. Everything looks very nice. It won't be long now before the building is complete.

We thank everyone for their support of this project, and ask that you continue to give and to pray, so that we can pay this debt off quickly. We also desire your prayers and input into how we can use the new facilities for the glory of God and to help grow His kingdom here on earth. God bless you for your help and prayers.

Christian Life Center Update - Dec. 15, 2011

Painting of the walls has begun! More sidewalk area was poured along the east wall and up to the street also. The wood flooring for the stage area has arrived and will be put down soon. The basketball goals are up also. Every time I go in the building, someone is pulling wire. Tiling has been put down in the two bathrooms also. I have prepared some thumbnails below of these milestones. I hope to be updating the gallery soon. (cds--Webmaster)

wallboard uppainting beginseast walk areabasketball goal bath tiles

CLC Building Construction Update -- 2011

The work is continuing everyday--even when it rains. Some sidewalk areas were being poured on Friday, November 18th. There is plenty of red clay mud to deal with around the building area; but once the sidewalks are in, we hope less of the mud will get into the building.

The doors between the old fellowship hall and the new one have been put in place, though more work will need to be done to finish the installation. The temporary wall placed in the classroom upstairs has been removed, and a door to the "tech" room for the new building has been partially installed, too.

The Church Council appointed a committee to do more research on the replacement of the steeple that was taken down from the sanctuary so that new shingles could be put on the roof. It may be a month or two before a new one is put on the building, but it has been decided that the old steeple will not be used at all.

CLC Update November 4th, 2011

The building is completely closed in now, with doors and windows at all access areas. Bulldozers smoothed and did some work around the outside to create a nice slope in the back and more level areas on the sides. Electrical wiring and boxes have been put in this week and last. The lift that will be used at the stage area is in the building, but not hooked up yet.

The big excitement this week was the replacement of the shingles on the Sanctuary roof and the removal of the steeple. The steeple was taken down, so shingles could be placed underneath it in hopes of stopping the leaks in the sanctuary. It will be put back up at some point, but the base is so rotten that we will not be able to use it. When the steeple was hoisted up, a large pile of grass and leaves was found underneath it--enough to fill a large garbage bag!

Pictures of the process are now on the Photos page.

Christian Life Center Update - October 14, 2011

The roof is shingled except for one small part. The frame for the stage and the steps to the stage are up. Piping for the air ducts has been placed in several places. The electricians have been inside running wiring. They moved in what looked like heat pump components during a light to heavy rain.

According to Kevin Simmons, he expects to begin putting up sheetrock next week if the delivery comes in on time. The work is progressing well, and I hope to have some more photographs added to the gallery soon. I spotted a group of students from Caldwell County schools one morning walking around the building and being lectured to about building techniques. My eyes have been opened a bit in that respect, too. It is amazing how much has to be done before the building is ready to be finished with walls and flooring and appliances.

CLC Is Growing!

The rafters have been put up over the whole new building and the vapor barrier is Striped floorbeing stapled on over the plywood. The project is progressing at a spectacular rate. We praise God for the work that is being done, and thank the workers and suppliers for doing such a good job. May God continue to keep them safe as they work on the new Christian Life Center.

CLC Update - August 26 & August 31, 2011

Ceiling and roofing framing is going up now. The brick work continues. The weather has been better for the workers--a little cooler. We thank the Lord and praise Him that things seem to be going very well.

The Christian Life Center work is progressing nicely. The workers began putting brick on the backside of the building this week (August 22nd). Tailored Foam of Hickory sprayed the outside walls with a black sealant first (at least I think that's what it is). On Friday, August 26th, Eric came inside to borrow a camera to take pictures as they began pouring the flooring.

New Building Update - August 10, 2011

The work is progressing very well in spite of the heat and an occasional rain storm. This morning, Bowman Roofing and Sheet Metal Co. workers are sealing the roof around the fire wall that goes up above the old education building's roof. Williams Crane Service has come in to help set up steel beams for the Christian Life Center. Some wiring conduits have been put in place. Wood has been attached to the window areas and the top of the cement block walls. The fire wall area looks like it is nearing completion. I also saw some piping laid down on one side of the building. We also thank Caldwell Ready-Mix for their work and donation to the CLC project.

New Building Update - July 21, 2011

The Christian Life Center is growing daily. The good news this time is that the current fellowship hall is back to its regular size. The bad news is that two of the windows are now filled with concrete and one window is now a door, but covered with wooden panels until the work is completed. We have lost almost all of our old views out the kitchen windows, too. The new building's wall next to the current building is almost built up to its full height. The construction crews have been working hard in oppressive heat. Let's keep praying for their safety during this job, especially when they must work in such hot weather. I continue to take pictures of the progress.

New Building Update - July 6, 2011

I have some good news and some "bad" news. The Christian Life Center work is going smoothly. The footings have been poured and the block work has begun. We thank the Lord that everything is going so well.

Unfortunately, because of the fire wall that will have to go up and the new doors that will connect with the new Christian Life Center, we are losing some parts of this building. A temporary wall has been placed in the fellowship hall where the new doors will be. Several windows will be removed and blocked up. We are losing some space and the drink station area because of this construction. Upstairs, two classrooms will be losing their windows, because of the fire wall that will be added between the two buildings. See the pictures below to find out which rooms are affected by this process.

Windows to go 1Windows to go 2

The Real Groundbreaking Begins

Despite a rainy start for the day, the bulldozers were out and working on Monday, June 20th, 2011 to begin preparing the area for the Christian Life Center. We will try to have pictures put up on the web site as the process continues. Here are a few photos for you to look at. Select the thumbnail to go to a larger version.

Groundbreaking 01 Block building is goneLots of digging to doSide road redone

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Though June 19th, 2011 Father's Day began with rain and storms, by 5:00 p.m. in theEric begins afternoon, the sun had been out long enough to dry the grass and ground in time for the Groundbreaking Ceremony to proceed as planned. We had a good crowd from the church, along with District Superintendent Fred Jordan. The pictures of the event can be accessed on the Photos page.

Eric began with prayer, and a greeting with the church responding (see below for the text):

Pastor: Trust in the Lord and do good!
People: May the Lord give strength to the people!
Pastor: O taste and see that the Lord is good!
People: God is our refuge and strength!

Then he read from Scripture before inviting several members of our congregation to pick up the shovel and break ground for the Lord. Gerald Frye, Church Council Chairman, dug into the ground first. Then Jerry Kohnle, Chair of the Trustees, had the opportunity to break ground. Shane Kelley and Kevin Lane represented the youth of the church. Kim Ellis, UMW President, dug up some dirt also. Jo Nell Harrison, our Chair of the Finance Committee had a turn. Marsha McRary, Choir Director and Superintendent of Sunday School, next took up the shovel. She is also the daughter of Rev. John Cole, a former pastor and long time choir director and teacher at Ebenezer UMC, who went to be with the Lord last year. Wade Austin, another longterm member rounded out the team of groundbreakers. As each person took up the shovel, Eric said a few words, then the crowd responded with:

"We break this ground for the Lord!"

After the main ceremony, we all gathered around Kevin Simmons and his son, Daniel, for a prayer for safety during the construction phase. Kevin is the general contractor for the job.

As Eric said during the ceremony, the easy part of the job is completed. Now we must work to pay for the new building AND find ways to use the facilities in ways that will glorify God and help Him to bring more people into His family and kingdom. Please keep us in your prayers, and begin asking God to show us how best to use the new building for His work.

Christian Life Center Update -- 2011

The word is that we will sign with People's Bank for the construction loan this week. The metal storage building has been moved to the side of the current building, near the breezeway. The Church Council authorized an advance for Kevin Simmons Construction to use as start up funding, and construction will probably begin on Monday, June 20th. See the above article about the Groundbreaking Ceremony.

Please keep praying for this project, especially for the safety of the workers, and that we will be able to come in under budget. Thank you for your gifts and prayers.

Christian Life Center Building Program Affirmed

Ebenezer's church body voted to proceed with construction of the Christian Life Center on March 27, 2011. Please see below for the minutes of the meeting.

As of 4/03/2011, we have raised over $324,000 for the building program; though some of this has been spent on equipment that will be used in or will be useful for maintaining the new building. The Finance Committee will now proceed to obtain a construction loan. Then the work can begin. A copy of the Building Committees presentation at the meeting, which gives an overview of the process, is given below.

We have some drawings of what the new building will look like from the outside and a floor plan drawing. Choose each thumbnail below to go to a larger version.

East Elevation North Elevation South Elevation West Elevation Floor Plan Christian Life Center

Below are two photos of the site area after it was cleared of trees in 2010.

Clearing Photo 1 Clearing Photo 2

Ebenezer Votes to Build!

Minutes of Church Conference: March 27, 2011

District Superintendent, Rev. Fred Jordan, called the meeting to order. Rev. Eric Lane opened with prayer.

After introductory comments, Rev. Jordan turned the meeting over to the Building Committee represented by Kim Ellis. Ellis presented a brief historical overview of the process that led to the proposed project, and what has been done to begin the process. Their recommendation is to build the Christian Life Center with Mackie Johnson as the architect and Kevin Simmons as the general contractor.

Rev. Jordan then turned the meeting over to Jo Nell Harrison of the Finance Committee, who presented the figures for the cost of the building. The proposed bid from Kevin Simmons Construction is $877,758 and has been accepted by the Building Committee. Jo Nell then reported that we have $280,000 in savings and a commitment for a loan from Peoples Bank, Newton, North Carolina of $600,000. The loan is based on a 60 month balloon with a 6.15% fixed rate. According to last year's figures, we brought in more than we will need to make the payment on the loan and the funds that will be coming from Duke Endowment will reduce the balloon payment also. The Finance Committee recommended that we proceed with the project, and asked for permission to negotiate a lower interest rate if possible.

Jo Nell Harrison made a motion to accept the recommendation of the Building Committee and the Finance Committee and proceed with construction. Kim Ellis seconded.

Rev. Jordan opened the floor for discussion. After general discussion with some verification of the figures and other aspects of the proposed building, Jordan called for a vote. The professing members were instructed to vote either "yes" or "no" on the slips of paper given to them as they entered the meeting. Plates were passed to collect the ballots. The ballots were then sent to the fellowship hall to be counted.

Rev. Jordan then called the meeting to order again and reported that there were 97 "yes" votes and 11 "no" votes. The project will go forward. Kevin Simmons resigned from the Building Committee, since he will be the general contractor on the job. Jordan asked for nominations for a new member to take his place. Names brought forward were Jeff Smith and Steve Miller. Voting was by a show of hands. The count was so close that Sonya Crouse made a motion to put both men on the committee. Jo Nell Harrison seconded. Motion passed.

Rev. Fred Jordan closed the meeting with prayer.

Building Committee Presentation of March 27, 2011

We, the Building Committee, are pleased to present to you the result of several years of work. A few years agao the Building Committee was asked to evaluate the church needs concerning the building of a Christian Life Center. At that time, we surveyed the church and asked what they felt we needed in terms of a Christian Life Center.

We were asked to provide a new kitchen, complete with a dishwasher, walk in refrigerator, and freezer, and a larger work area. Additionally we were and still are in need of more Sunday School classrooms. Currently all available space is being utilized. We were asked to provide a place that our children or others could put on programs, provide an area for emergency shelter, and a place for basketball or volleyball.

After some discussion, the Building Committee sat down with Mackie Johnson, a licensed architect in the Conover area. Mackie Johnson had just completed a Christian Life Center for Conover UMC. Initially, we developed a plot drawing to give us an idea as to what the building would look like. Then, upon apporval of the Church Council, we contracted Mackie Johnson to draw up working plans.

While this was being completed, the Church Council invited Dr. Don Hayes to advise us on beginning a bulding campaign. The campaign, which ran for 3 years, was completed this past October.

Since that time, we received the drawings from the architect, met with the District Board of Building, and also Dr. Alan Rice, a consultant with Duke Endowment. The meeting with Dr. Rice resulted in changes to the building, which would reduce the cost of the building. Also, Dr. Rice suggested that Kevin Simmons consider acting as the general contractor, since he is licensed and a member of Ebenezer. This would reduce the overhead cost of the project, since Simmon's overhead would be much less than a general contractor.

The changes meant that the plans would have to be redrawn by Mackie Johnson, and the Building Committee sought approval of the Church Council to do so. The Church Council approved having the plans redrawn. We now have the working drawings.

The Building Committee asked for preliminary bids and it was the recommendation of the Committee to recommend that Kevin Simmons Construction be awarded the contract.

Duke Endowment has been given a copy of our plans and our information. We are in line to receive funding in 2012.

It is the recommendation of the Building Committee that we build a Christian Life Center according to the drawings of Mackie Johnson, and that Kevin Simmons Construction be awarded the contract to build Ebenezer UMC's Christian Life Center.

The Building Committee

Letter to the Membership about the Church Conference

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

We are pleased to announce that we will be gathering on March 27th at 3:30 p.m. for a Church Conference. At this Church Conference, the Building Committee will present their recommendations concerning the Architectural Plans, the proposed Contractor, and an estimated bid for the proposed Christian Life Center addition to the church. Also the Finance Committee will present a recommendation for financing the project.

Our District Superintendent, Rev. Fred Jordan, will preside over the Church Conference. All members are invited to participate and encouraged to attend.

Following the presentation and discussion, we, as a church, will vote on whether or not to construct a Christian Life Center. We have been praying for and developing this vision for the church for several years. Now, after much prayer, thought, and consideration, the committees are prepared to present a proposal to the church body.

It could not be possible without your support, and this project will require your continued support to enable the church to retire the debt. We ask that you be in prayer for one another and the church as we look to the future; and pray that God grant us the faith and the courage to make the right decision.

"Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, so that there will be food in my house, and thus put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts; see if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you an overflowing blessing." Malachi 3:10

The Church Council, represented by:
Rev. Eric Lane, 3/15/2011 and Gerald Frye, Chairman, Church Council, 3/15/2011

Authorization Letter for the Church Conference

North Wilkesboro District, The United Methodist Church
March 14, 2011
The Rev. Eric Lane, Ebenezer United Methodist Church

Dear Eric,
You are hereby authorized to call a church conference on March 27 for the sole purpose of consideration of giving final approval to the construction of a new building. I will preside.
Please forward a copy of the minutes to this office.

Grace & Peace, N. Fred Jordan, Jr., District Superintendent

Contact Information: 828-396-2214;; 4948 Burns Rd, Granite Falls, NC 28630