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Finding Hope Ministries, Romania

Below are some photos of the building and grounds of the Baptist Church in Romania that Nathan Merrill and his family are buying and making into an orphanage (from October, 2015). He also sent us a letter about the project. Enjoy, and remember that we accept donations toward this work. Just reference the Merrill Orphanage on your check or envelope. You can also give through their website, Finding Hope Ministries. Thank you.

Nathan also sent us a link to a Youtube video with music and subtitles, if you would like to see that.

Merrill Orphanage 01Merrill Orphanage 02Merrill Orphanage 03

Merrill Orphanage 04Merrill Orphanage 05Merrill Orphanage 06

Merrill Orphanage 07Merrill Orphanage 08Merrill Orphanage 09

Merrill Orphanage 11Merrill Orphanage 12Merrill Orphanage 13

Merrill Orphanage 14Merrill Orphanage 15Merrill Orphanage 16

Merrill Orphanage 17Merrill Orphanage 18Merrill Orphanage 19

Merrill Orphanage 20Merrill Orphanage 21Merrill Orphanage 22

Merrill Orphanage 23Merrill Orphanage 24Merrill Orphanage 26

Merrill Orphanage 25Merrill Orphanage 10

Contact Information: 828-396-2214;; 4948 Burns Rd, Granite Falls, NC 28630