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Anticipation builds The Great Pumpkin Car has arrived! The men are grilling... Kitchen Captain speaks accidents happen Shade and Shine Barbara Miller's previous trophy Motorcycle Row Blue flame bike Blue Harley1 Blue Harley 2 Cole McCrary, Farmer Little John Deere Red Tractor Wade Austin's big John Deere Sears Family 1950 Tractor It's been a hard life Look at those cars over there! The back of the line Ford truck back panel Red Ford Engine Blue Truck Door Prize Table Jacked-up Car Red Chevy Back Steve Miller and daughter dance & swing 1931 Silver Packard Back of the Packard Packard front other side Is your engine this clean? Black Ford Black Car Corvair Row Trunks Corvair Line Front Side Stylish Convertible Racing Stripes Blue Corvairs Proud Chevrolet Crowds are here! Flashy Orange Food & Talk Don't bother the cook More food & talk Placing an order Hotdog perfection More mouths to feed These dogs are getting heavy Can we close the kitchen yet? Beauties inside and out Riding high Door decor Just to look at Row of color Long Lime Green Lime Engine Old Red Truck, a Winner Planked Ford truck bed More racing stripes Tacoma Truck Barbara Miller's Corvair Could you keep your seats this clean? Finally, some rest in the shade Memorial quilt winner 1 Memorial quilt winner 2 Awards table ready A Happy Winner People's Choice Award Kevin Miller gives out award P. A. Burson accepts for Sears Family Tractor Another Happy Winner Yet another winner! Red Corvairs Blue Corvair Three that shine Best In Show, Motorcyle Tractor Trophy Best In Show, Tractor Best InShow, Truck Best In Show, Car Black Car ready to go home Best In Show Packard pointed toward home
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