Caldwell United Report

Praise God! We had a wonderful turnout for the Caldwell United Worship Service and meeting on Sunday, May 17th, 2015. Over 150 people were there to help us celebrate the new effort towards cooperative ministry in Caldwell County.

We were led in worship by two combined music groups. The Granite Falls First UMC and Ebenezer UMC's praise bands got together to begin the worship with some energetic singing and playing. Later the Smith Memorial and Harper's Chapel choirs combined their groups for inspiring and lively singing in memory of Rev. Jerry Reid, who recently passed away unexpectedly. Rev. Charlie Rivens then presented a special plaque to Mrs. Jerry Reid in memory of Rev. Reid.

The Youth praise band group from First in Granite Falls took the stage and presented a delightful little skit on the parable of "The Sower." They then sang and played their own music for another worship song.

Rev. Lory Beth Huffman, our district superintendent who will soon have her own church to lead, practiced her sermon style with points based on "The Parable of the Sower." She showed us how a church can be compared with the soil in which the various seeds fell. We need to practice being the good soil in our churches, instead of hard or rocky or thorny ground to the people who come into our fellowships.

After a brief intermission for snacks and liquid refreshment (which were wonderful), Kim Shockley took the podium to encourage us further in our efforts to continue finding ways to grow our ministries and cooperate more fully in our efforts throughout the county to show the love of Christ and witness for our Lord. We want to play to our strengths in each church, help one another, and extend our influence in the county at large. May God take our willingness to change and grow, and do mighty things throughout Caldwell County and the world.

Below are some pictures from the event:

Worship Begins



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